Upcoming Masters Events


Asian Masters Judo Championships
At least two of our masters judoka, Kristof Frankowski and Mick Cutajar are heading for Japan to compete in the Asian Masters Judo Championships at the Kodokan in September. Kristof is a previous World Grand Masters Champion and Mick won gold at the last Commonwealth Judo Championships (which had masters divisions). If you’ve never fought in the iconic Kodokan then this could be your chance. There will be six mats going and there is a mezzanine viewing area on all four sides, it is quite a venue. You’ll have to get in quickly so here is a link for more details:

Australian Masters Games
In October judo is in the Australian Masters Games in Geelong, this year organized by Judo Victoria. The kata is on Saturday the 5th of October and the shiai is on Sunday the 6th.    This has been a very well organized tournament in past years with good participation, comradery and fun. The entertainment at the opening ceremony will be Mental as Anything and James Reyne. Geelong is a delightful city on the water at the start of the Great Ocean Road, bring your partner and make a week end or a week out of it. Here’s a link for more details:


IJF World Grand Masters Judo Championships
he Australian Masters Games will be a good warm up for the Worlds a month later. 
Quite a few of us are off to the IJF World Grand Masters Judo Championships in Abu Dhabi this November the 24th to the 26th. Entrants get free tickets to the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Prix two days before we fight. The best players in the world will be at this Grand Prix event with $100,000 prize money for the winner of some divisions. At the Grand Masters there’ll probably be close to a thousand masters players with fully sponsored teams from Russia and strong teams from Germany and France. Kristof, Mick and I are already entered and others have expressed interest. I saw some very competitive players at the Nationals in June who would do well in Abu Dhabi. This is your chance to represent Australia at the Worlds. The JFA covers us for medical insurance at minimal cost. Not that there are many injuries, I saw two at the last World Grand Masters in Miami. You only fight for a few minutes and are more likely to be injured training for hundreds of hours than at the event. You’ve got time to get fit and you’ll have the time of your life. The new rules will make the judo more like the traditional judo that you’re use to. Here’s a link:

ext year the World Grand Masters will be in Marbella, Spain in November so keep saving your frequent flyer points.

Yours in Judo,
Ken McAviney