JFA Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)


Dear JFA members

Congratulations to Nick Papadimitropoulos for being appointed as the JFA Member Protection Officer (MPIO).
Nick is now handling all ongoing matters in relation to member protection.
Nick can be contact via email:  mpio@ausjudo.com.au 

What is a Member Protection Officer
MPIOs listen and provide impartial and confidential information and support to assist contacts to determine what they can do next to best resolve their issue.

Please contact Nick if you have a question or are unsure how to best resolve a concern or complaint about harassment, abuse or other forms of unacceptable behaviour.

MPIOs are not advocates, nor are they complaint handlers and so do not resolve issues themselves, but can assist others to speak to those who can.

Member Protection Information Officers:
· Listen
· Act as an impartial support person
· Provide information about discrimination, harassment and child abuse
· Provide information about the Member Protection Policy and the options available to resolve the complaint
· Provide information about relevant laws and the right to complain externally
· Discuss possible strategies the individual can use to deal directly with the other person
· Provide contact details for counselling or other referrals as appropriate or as requested

What a Member Protection Information Officers do not do
· Advocate
· Take sides or judge
· Give advice
· Intervene
· Investigate
· Breach confidentiality