Japanese athletes visit Australia






The Judo Federation of Australia has had a long standing relationship with Japan's International Budo University. Australian athletes have attended many training camps at the Katsura based University in Japan.

Their visit to Australia was for the purpose of holidays and it is now their 2nd time visiting Australia. Budo 3rd year students often go overseas for holidays as a reward/break from studies. Stewart Brain assisted in getting the judoka's to attend 3 days of training while they were in Australia for a week.

Added to training , Budo requested to have a teams competiton. Last year Australia was able to win with a mixture of Senior and Junior Athletes. This year, it seemed they wanted revenge. NTID sent 10 athletes matching the weight divison of Budo University athletes.

In 2013 Australia won the competition, but unfortunealty the young Australia athletes were not able to match the age, strength and experience of the Japanese athletes in 2014.  


At the completition of the 3 days, Budo University Coach Tadanori KOSHINO said that he was happy to see Australia and Budo students train at a good level and was pleased with the training intensity. He continued to welcome the NTID students and Australian National Teams back to train at Budo University in the future.

Running the training sessions was Toshi Nakamaura, newly appointed National Developemnt Coach/Coordinator. He commented about how he too was pleased with the camp. "I was happy with the performance of our Australian athletes and I hope that the Australian and Japanese studnets learnt many things".

Toshi's also was a former student of Budo University in Japan, studying Judo under Sensei Tadanori KOSHINO and Sensei Katshiko KASHIWAZAKI.

At the end of the 3 days Budo will head to the Gold Coast for some relaxation and fun before going back to Japan.



Olympic Games
1992 - Bronze

World Championships
1989 - Silver
1991 - Gold

Asian Games
1990 - Gold

Asian Championships
1988 - Gold