Masters Update


Australian Masters International Results and Coming Events

Australia sent three experienced and talented fighters to compete at the Asian Masters Championships at the Kodokan in Tokyo in September 2013; Kristof Frankowski, Mick Cutajar and Martin Doyle. There were eight in Kristof's age and weight division. All of the foreigners were given a bye in the first round. Kristof's second round opponent was a Japanese fighter who Kristof threw for waza ari with a drop ippon seoi nage then followed up with oseikomi for waza-ari, awasete ippon. In the final Kristof threw his Japanese opponent for ippon within seconds with his amazing yoko tomoe nage to win the gold medal.

The Medal Winners in Kristof's Divison.

Mick Cutajar had three fights. He won the first two by ippon and lost one by yuko. There were three on equal points but Mick was awarded the bronze on a count back because of his ippons.

Mick and Kristof at the Kodokan.

Martin Doyle was in a very tough division. He won his first fight well but in the next round he met a very clever Japanese opponent who had watched Martin's first match and took a grip of Martin's left arm to stifle Martin's attack. Try as he may he couldn't break that grip and the Japanese player won by yuko. Good fighting but no medal.

Second from the left - Martin, Mick and Kristof at the after Party in Tokyo.

The World Grand Masters
The World Grandmasters Judo Championships was in Abu Dhabi in November 2013. Australia sent three competitors; Kristof, Mick and myself. Gail Galea from the JFA was a great help, as usual, organising entries and insurance. I flew QANTAS to Dubai; they don't fly to Abu Dhabi, and caught several of their amazing ultra modern automated trains from the Disneyland like airport to the bus station. I stepped into one carriage of all women and was asked to go to the next carriage for men and families. The bus to Abu Dhabi wasn't Disney like. I went to sit but was told that that section was for families, men on their own had to sit up the back. Two hours thought the desert and we arrived in Abu Dhabi. I stayed in a five star hotel for only $100 Aus a night and got to watch some of the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Prix where I learnt a new throw watching the 73kgm Russian Olympic Champion Mansur Isaev launch someone. for ippon. The prize money for these Grand Prix is huge. There are five Grand Prix a year, no wonder the best judoka don't bother with UFC. I got to Abu Dhabi four days early to get use to their time zone but unfortunately had to leave after two days to be at my mum's deathbed. There's always next years Worlds but you only get one mum. Kristof got credit for my entry and sold it to a Georgian to save him the late entry fee.

Kristof got a first round bye then fought a Dr. Connari whom he had fought and beaten twice before in Atlanta, once in their weight division and again in the open. Kristof threw him both times for ippon with his yoko tomoenage and this time the doctor was waiting for him. Kristof attacked with the drop seoinage without a score and the doctor got two shidos. Then Kristof attached with the yoko tomoenage and the doctor stepped around it and held him with yoko gatame. Kristof escaped one second before a waza-ari was given and the doctor was in front by a yuko. Penalties don't count as a score anymore, just eventual disqualification. Kristof nearly had him in juji gatame but time was running out and he stood up and threw the doctor for waza-ari with seconds to go. Kristof then fought a Hungarian and scored a yuko with the yoko tomoenage then an ippon with the drop seoinage. In the final he fought a Croatian who had been the Russian in the semi by penalty (his favorite technique) in golden score. Kristof got a shido for stepping off and another when the Croatian put his hand in Kristof's and screamed out claiming that Kristof had bent his finger back. Kristof loss the final by those penalties and won a silver medal.

Kristof wins a silver medal at the Abu Dhabi World Grand Masters

Mick drew a Russian in the first round (something we all try to avoid) and went the distance to be beaten in golden score by a shido. That Russian went on to win a bronze medal and Mick was in the reportage. He fought a Hungarian and was countered for ippon. Good fighting without a medal.

Coming Events.
The Judo Masters in Melbourne is on in a few weeks. The late entry fee has been dropped but you will have to enter ASAP. You can ring Susie Mooreshead on 03)9077 1450 and you will see a link below to the event on the IJF Veteran's website. Masters will be included at the Nationals again on Friday the 6th of June in Wollongong. See your state association for representative requirements. Support the JFA's interest in Masters Judo by representing your state. It's a great venue by the ocean, watch the open Nationals after you compete and catch up with old friends.

This year the IJF World Grand Masters will be in Malaga, Spain in late September. Unfortunately this clashes with the Asian Masters in the Kodokan in mid September. Most of the tourist will have gone in late September but the weather will still be good. My wife didn't fancy Abu Dhabi but is coming to Spain and we'll hire a car and drive to Paris after the event. You've got time to get fit so this is the year to give it a go.

Judo is a whole of life sport/art. Do yourself a favour and come back to masters judo. It's not as hard as you think; all your opponents have gotten older and slower.

Yours in judo,
Ken McAviney.