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Learning Management System

Judo Australia, in conjunction with Sport Australia, will be launching an online Learning Management System (LMS) for all Judo Australia members as we move into 2023. The LMS will create a seamless experience for learners by providing a one stop shop for learning, whether online or face to face activities.

One of the key advantages to the LMS is aggregating and consolidating Sport Australia, Sport Integrity Australia and JA content into one central location, creating:

  • one login for all Judo e-learning

  • centralised and complete learning records, including face to face and e-learning activities

  • an enhanced user experience for individual learners with easier access to accreditation education

As the LMS develops learners will be able to:

  • Access sport specific e-learning and face to face activities, as well as sector wide e-learning content.

  • Access sector-wide e-learning content from Sport Australia designed to assist volunteers and paid staff across their diverse roles and responsibilities

  • Access resources for club development including Game Plan, a Judo-specific site for clubs that offers insight into club capability and offers tools and resources for ongoing development

  • Access the most up to date sport integrity resources and information

Whether you’re a coach, official or administrator, there’s something for you, with more content to be added as the LMS grows!

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