September Events for Kata Enthusiasts

August 1, 2018

Come and join the growing community of Kata enthusiasts.

OJU-Kodokan Kata Seminar

The Oceania Judo Federation (OJU) with the cooperation of the Kodokan Judo Institute (Japan), Judo Australia, and Judo NSW are proud to present the 2018 OJU-Kodokan Kata Seminar.  This is an excellent opportunity for Judokas of all levels to learn the details of Judo Kata forms from expert Kata instructors from the Kodokan:

  • Nage no Kata

  • Katame no Kata

  • Kime no Kata

  • Ju no Kata

  • Kodokan Goshin Juts


All Judokas registered with an IJF affiliated Judo federation and who are at least of 4th Kyu or orange belt ranked are invited to attend. Juniors and Cadets (17 years and younger) should look to attend the Nage no Kata session. Senior Kyu grades should look to attend the Ju no Kata, Katame no Kata, and Nage no Kata sessions. Black belts should look to attend the full session.

This Kata seminar will provide instruction to meet the needs of today’s Judokas:

  • Getting ready for the next grading

  • Providing the latest teaching methods to club instructors

  • Instructing advance techniques to Kata competitors

  • Meeting other Kata enthusiasts


Location: Judo NSW Training Centre, Newington Armory, Silverwater, NSW, Australia


Date: 11-15 Sep 2018 Kata Seminar


For more information and to register here


OJU & Sydney International Open Kata Championship

The OJU and Sydney International Open Kata Championships is an OJU-level Kata competition.  Not only will winners of the various Kata categories be awarded medals, certificate of competency will also be issued to those who successfully compete with a passing score.  Certificates of Kata Competency will be issued to successfully judged candidates competing in the championship.

Location: Judo NSW Training Centre, Newington Armory, Silverwater, NSW, Australia


Date: 16 Sep 2018


For more information and to register here


For further information, contact the OJU Kata Commission at


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