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Represent Australia in Kata: apply now!

Judo Australia is inviting Expressions of Interest from kata pairs looking to represent Australia at the 2024 World Kata Championships taking place in Las Vegas from November 4-11.

Kata competitors are invited to showcase their art in both senior and junior sections across three kata (Nage-no-kata, Katame-no-kata, Ju-no-kata) and in senior only for a further two (Kime-no-kata and Kodokan Goshin Jutsu).  (Download the Event Outlines for both the Kata World Championships and the Veterans World Championships from our Event Listing HERE).


Each member of a pair interested in representing Australia must complete an EOI form (available HERE) before July 22, 2024

Strict selection criteria apply, with the National Kata Selection Committee prioritising pairs with a performance score of at least 85% that have finished in the Top 3 of National Championships in the past 12 months.

​To represent Australia, players must be an Australian citizen with a current Australian passport, hold a valid IJF ID Card, and be financial member of Judo Australia/its affiliates and be in good standing with JA and the Combat Institute of Australia.

This is a self-funded event and athletes will need to book and pay for their own flights.  Tournament entry and official accommodation must be booked via Judo Australia, with all costs invoiced to the athlete and payment required before departure.


For further information, contact National Kata Selection Committee chair Ernie Wakamatsu (


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