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Judo Australia is pleased to congratulate Dr John Azoury (ACT) and Mr Neville Sharpe (VIC) on their Life Membership of Judo Australia.

Dr John started judo at the age of 12 in Sydney before moving to Canberra. He obtained his sho-dan through the competitive pathway and he has devoted a lifetime of medical care to judoka. Dr John has been involved in Judo at the National level continuously since 1996 through his engagement in the National Sports Science Advisory Committee for Judo and as the JA Chief Medical Officer since 2000. Dr John has attended three Olympic Games as part of the Australian Olympic Committee Medical Team (Sydney, Rio and Tokyo) and continues to actively develop safe practices for Judo.

Congratulations Dr John.


Mr Neville Sharpe has served the sport of Judo and the National body for over 40 years.

He has been a member of JFA Victoria State Committees since 1975 including two terms as President, has held the office of Vice President and Treasurer and is currently the JV Secretary.

Neville was elected as President of JA (JFA) in 2014 and served 3 years in this position. He served a 4-year term as JA Treasurer and has a total of 10 years as a Director of JA. He was involved in reforming the Governance of the JFA in line with the 2014 ASC Governance Review - one of the many contributions he made during his period as Chair.

Refereeing is also an area where Neville has made a considerable contribution to Australian Judo, refereeing internationally and serving on the National Referees Commission for a total of 12 years with 6 years as the Chair. He is a JVI State A Referee since 1987 and awarded National A Referee in 1989 and Oceania Referee in 1990. Since 1998, Neville has been an IJF Continental Referee.

In 2020, Neville received an Honorary IJF International license, a testament to his standing in Refereeing.

Congratulations Neville


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