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Next stop for our young champions: China

Next stop for our young champions: China

Fresh off the exhilaration of our 2024 National Championships, Judo Australia is seeking Cadet and Junior judoka to represent Australia in upcoming tournaments in Macau and Hong Kong.

A touring team is being put together to fight the Macau Asian Cup (August 17 and 18) and the Hong Kong Asian Cup (August 24 and 25), with an international training camp between the two events.  (Please note: the IJF and AJU websites show different dates: JA has confirmed these are the correct competition dates.)

Expressions of interests to join the team should be lodged HERE before Friday, June 21.

Athletes keen to compete on behalf of Australia must satisfying the following requirements:

·        Be an Australian citizen and hold a current Australian passport OR have special permission from the IJF to represent Australia

·        Be at least 2 kyu (blue belt) and have won at least two medals at the National Event Series (or higher level events) since the 2023 National Championships

·        Be a financial member of Judo Australia and hold a valid IJF ID Card

·        Have a history of supporting National team programs and have signed the current JA Team Member Agreement

·        And have not by their actions or omissions brought themselves, Judo Australia, CombatAUS, or the Australian National Judo Team into disrepute or censure.

These events are a self-funding opportunity, with the total cost to athletes estimated to be around $3500.  Judo Australia will book flights and accommodation on the team’s behalf, and all invoices must be paid before departure.

Selections will be made by Wednesday, June 26, with successful athletes expected to be notified soon after.

For further information, please contact Maria Pekli, General Manager of Performance and Pathways:


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