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Score the hold down on tax – DONATE NOW

Doing your taxes? Don’t forget your fully tax-deductible donation to TEAMJUDO32, Judo Australia’s fund to support our Pathways Program and future Olympians.

DONATE before June 30 to secure your 2023/2024 tax deduction, championing judo with every dollar you spend as we build towards LA in 2028, and Brisbane in 2032. 

TEAMJUDO32 backs high performing judoka who have been selected into Judo Australia’s Development Squads - as Cadets (U18), Juniors (U21) and Under 23.  Squad members receive personalised coaching, attend National and International training camps, and represent Australia in competitions in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

This can costs up to $25,000 per athlete per year, and hits hardest  for those from regional or remote communities, from disadvantaged backgrounds, or the dedicated judo families who have several high performers among their ranks.


No athlete should have to turn down the chance to represent Australia for financial reasons - but many do.   

Make a difference today – DONATE to TEAMJUDO32 and champion the future of Australian judo.

Photo: Coach Alexander Haecker advising on hold down technique.



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