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(Download Camp Flyer Here: 2023 SIO Training Camp Flyer)

Judo Australia is hosting an overnight training camp between the 27 - 28 of February at the Newington Armoury and Zenbu Judo Club.


The general purpose of the camp is to provide cadets and above who are 4th Kyu or higher to get an opportunity for some training following the Sydney International Open Event

The camp is free cost for those who attend (see Camp Costs below)*

Athletes who are interested in attending this camp should contact Ivica Pavlnic - or 0498199964

More information regarding the camp is provided below:

How much will the camp cost for me?

Cost for this camp is free.

Athletes must organise their own transportation, accommodation and food during the duration of the camp.


When does the camp start / finish?

The camp begins at 10:00 on Monday, 27 February and will conclude with lunch on Tuesday, 28 February.

Who can attend the camp?


The camp is open to athletes classified as a Cadet and above who are at least 4th Kyu or higher.

If you are unsure this camp is right for you, contact Ivica Pavlnic, via

Will travel arrangements be organised for this camp?

No. All athletes are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from the camp

Who will be coaching the camp?


The camp will be lead by Ivica Pavlnic.

Additional Questions?

Any questions regarding this camp should be directed to Ivica Pavlnic, via

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