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Kata is back in 2023

The first Kata competition of 2023 was held at the Canberra International Open on Friday 17 February.

Although the field was limited, the competition was anything but that. Judoka from across the country put on a display of skill, technique and force. The quality of the competitors performances provided those in attendance with a high quality demonstrations of Judo Kata in all forms.

At the end of the competition, two gold medals were awarded in the following categories:

  • Ju no Kata - Bernhard and Bianca Tandean

  • Katame no Kata - Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean

Bernhard Tandean brings home two gold medals for his performance in both categories while Bianca Tandean and Bjorn Tandean each received one gold medal for their efforts.

This result adds to the growing medal trove of Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean as they became the first Australian pair to ever medal in the Junior Katame-No-Kata competition when they brough home the bronze in last years 2022 World Kata Championships in Krakow, Poland.

Starting off the calendar year with a gold in Canberra signifies that this pair is poised and ready to make another run at the podium later this year at the 2023 World Kata Championships in Adu Dhabi.

In addition to the competitors, a special thank you goes out to the Kata judges and volunteers who have put in the efforts to help grow this competition.

Next weekends Sydney International Open at the Quaycentre in Sydney Olympic Park is sure to be just as exciting as this weekends competition with even more kata competitors expected to compete.

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