Intermediate Coaching General Principles

The Intermediate Coaching General Principles is part of the theoretical component of the Judo Australia Senior Coach and Advanced Coach Accreditation levels. It is a pre-requisite and must be completed prior to the commencement of the Senior Coach or Advanced Coach, Coach Accreditation Framework practical courses. Please note coaches will not be recognised as a Senior Coach or Advanced Coach without the completion of an Intermediate Coaching General Principles course or relevant RPL of the modules.

There are 13 modules to be completed. Once all modules and worksheets are complete you will be given a certificate of completion. 

Intermediate Coaching General Principles Curriculum

To successfully complete this course, participants must complete the modules and assigned worksheets. Once completed please pay and submit your worksheets for assessment here.

For more information on the Coach Accreditation Framework, please contact your relevant Member State:

Coach Accreditation Framework

Judo Australia has a 4-tiered Coach Accreditation Framework (CAF), designed to deliver effective coach development at all levels in Australia.


Coach Accreditation Framework

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