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Medical Manual (September 2022 Update)

Competition Specific Medical Checklist



Judo Australia supports the Sport Australia Concussion in Sport Position Statement. However, JA provides the additional Supplementary Clauses due to the specific requirements of Judo


JA Concussion Management Policy

Medical clearance is recommended prior to returning to competition.  See the policy for details.

Athlete Hygiene


Making Weight


Supplements in Sport Policy

Adverse Effects of Sports Supplements

Coronavirus Update

The Australian Institute of Sport, partnering with the Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia in the lead-up to the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, are committed to providing the National High Performance Sports System with timely, evidence-based information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that recognises the unique concerns and context associated with high performance sport.


A webpage dedicated to COVID-19 has been created to provide an overview of the currently available information highlighting the unique needs and challenges for high performance sport in Australia. 


The webpage will be updated with the most current information and advice relevant to high performance sport each day and more often if required.


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