No Limits Judo


For any enquiries relating to No Limits Judo please contact No Limits Committee Secretary, Dawn Santos –


Judo Australia (JA) have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to enable tax deductible contributions to be made to the No Limits Judo Project. Through the ASF's Deductible Gift Recipient status, all donations over $2 made to this project are tax-deductible.

No Limits Judo offers people with diverse and special needs the opportunity to participate as productive and respected members of the Judo Australia community. With the required training and encouragement, people with special needs are capable and can enjoy, learn and benefit from participation in the inclusive sport of Judo. Judo develops cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, power and improved body composition with training. No Limits Judo offers a fair and welcoming opportunity for Judo participants to develop and demonstrate their skills and talents through judo training and competition. No Limits Judo also increases the public's awareness of their capabilities and needs.


Providing an inclusive sport participation opportunity is important for all Australians and through better resourcing of the No Limits program, Judo Australia can expand our program to reach all Australians. All funds raised will help grow No Limits Judo to provide opportunities for all those with special needs, allowing them to participate in sport and promote an active lifestyle.

Donations will play an important role in the development of No Limits Judo and further enhance the inclusive nature of the Judo Australia community. Your contribution can allow everyone to engage with judo and get active in a safe and fun environment.

Please donate today!

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