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Judo Australia Referee Committee

Deepali Mistry

Head Supervisor and Referee Liaison

Lubo Petr

Head Supervisor

Arek Zygmunt

Committee Member

Bob Pearce

Committee Member

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Training Resources:

A Modern Approach to Officiating (Australian Sports Commission) *new! 

Modern Approach to Officiating Webinar (featuring Deepali Mistry!) *new! 

ASC Community Officiating Essential Skills (Online course) *new!  

IJF Refereeing Videos

IJF New Rules for Olympic Games Cycle 2022 - 2024 Video

European Judo Union - Referee Webinar

Rules and Regulations: 

Detailed Explanation of the IJF Judo Refereeing Rules (Updated 25 March 2023)

IJF Sport and Organisation Rules, version 24 March 2023 

Coaches Behaviour Rules and Disciplinary Actions

2019 Rules Amendments for Junior Boys and Girls (U12)


Referees Committee Policy v6 (July 2022)

Developing Referees Policy v3 (2021)

Referees Talent Travel Grant v2 (2023)

Referee International Travel Subsidy Policy v1 (2021)


Psychological Qualities of the Judo Referee

Mat Supervisor Functions  v2 (May 2022)

IJF Changes Following the Executive Committee Meeting - 17/1/19

Referee Accreditation Framework

Judo Australia has a 7-tiered Referee Accreditation Framework (RAF), designed to deliver effective referee development at all levels in Australia. 

Referee Accreditation Framework

State Referee Licences

National Referee Licences

RAF Courses - Online Pre-Requisites

RAF Theory Exams

Judo Australia National or higher Referee Licence and currently active* referees 2022

* Attended at least 1 NES event in the last 2 years

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