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National Athlete Pathway Framework (NAPF)

Judo Australia (JA) is committed to providing an effective, functional and well understood Athlete Pathway, from Participation through to High Performance.  We are also developing a comprehensive Pathway for our ParaJudo athletes, and have appointed former British Paralympian, Elliot Stewart, to lead that process.  

The National Athlete Pathway Framework (NAPF) allows JA to:

  • Provide clear and visible pathway opportunities

  • Develop evidence-based programs and strategies, including talent identification, confirmation, development and transition

  • Provide a platform to easily identify and support potential talent to achieve sustained High Performance success


The NAPF allows our Judo community to:

  • Easily understand each stage of athlete development within the participation and performance pathways

  • Better understand the critical importance of the acquisition and refinement of fundamental movement skills to lifelong sports participation and high performance athlete development

  • Facilitate members reaching their optimal performance level; be it club, state, national or international competition

  • Acquire the skills to encourage lifelong engagement in Judo

Athlete Progression in Australian Judo

JA National Athlete Pathway Framework

FTEM Framework

JA has adopted the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) FTEM framework to ensure an evidence-based approach to the development of our athletes.

The AIS developed the FTEM framework to directly support the key outcomes of sport participation being; Active Lifestyle, Sports Participation and Sporting Excellence. The FTEM model is a fully integrated, evidence-based framework representing the Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery of the 'whole of sport' pathway continuum and forms a key part of the JA NAPF. It categorises key features of each stage of an athlete's journey and provides a practical method to assist sport and athlete stakeholders to maximise and manage athlete development. 

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