National Grading Committee

Alan Broadhead – Chair

John Whipp

Dale Keogh

Michael Picken

Janet Lambert

National Selection Committee

Maria Pekli – Chair

Andrew Pratley

Gavin Kelly

Kylie Koenig

Ivo Dos Santos

National Kata Committee

Rob Ivers – Chair

Michael Headland

Rodney Cox

Referee Committee

Arek Zygmunt – Chair

Lubomir Petr

Robert Pearce

Deepali Mistry

Kodokan Committee

Alan Broadhead – Chair

Michael Picken

Janet Lambert

Morgan Endicott-Davies

Rob Ivers

Veterans Committee

Kevin Murphy – Chair

Clive Simmonds

Melissa Dennehy

Doug Noack

Andrew Bell

Sports Committee
Luis Val – Chair
Robert Borchert
Neil Hayes
Sean Wright

Robyn Hayes

Ashley Hayes

Caitlin Borchert

Lauren Val

Dave Robinson

No Limits Committee
Xavier Barker - Chair

Cliff Illingworth

Dawn Santos
Claire Latham
Campbell Dunstan 
Graham Anderson
Neel Beyers

Emma Fisher

Carla Willing

Operational Committees

Key Partners


Members Of

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Judogi Partner

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