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Athlete Development

In order to prepare your body for elite judo competition you must train consistently, and part of that training must be focused on developing the physical attributes that underpin successful performance in elite judo athletes. JA in conjunction with the AIS Combat Centre has developed a set of fitness standards that cadet athletes should work towards. In this document are a series of tests you can use to check your progress with Gold, Silver and Bronze targets that are based on the standards achieved by elite Australian and International cadet judo athletes. There is also a weight management chart in the document that will help athletes in setting their target weight for optimum performance.


To assist athletes develop their physical attributes JA has designed a sample introductory strength and conditioning program for athletes who don’t have access to a strength & conditioning coach. This program is a general guide only (e.g. many exercise substitutions are possible) to be used as a starting point for an individualised approach.


Aerobic Fitness for Judo

Minimum Fitness Targets for Australian Cadet Judo Athletes

Sample Junior Introductory Strength and Conditioning Program

Weight Management

The AIS have developed a toolkit to help athletes, coaches and administrators of the sport to better understand weight management in weight category sports. The information provided in the tool kit should be used as a general guide to better understand weight management and serve as a helpful tool in creating a weight management program that is specific to each individuals need.

Making Weight in Weight Category Sports - AIS

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