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Judo Australia’s Australian Kodokan Committee, and the Illawarra International Judo Club, are offering a rare opportunity to learn from Japan’s revered Kodokan instructors, and sit for a Kodokan Judo Institute Dan Grading, on home soil.


With the assistance of the Japan-Australia Foundation, three Senior Kodokan Instructors will lead several technical seminars and a grading session in Wollongong, NSW, from January 19-21, 2024.



Judo Australia will run two technical sessions focusing on throwing techniques – an open session, and a second specifically for junior members keen to improve their Judo skills. We encourage coaches to attend with their experienced students, particularly 16yr old judoka who would like to complete their Assistant Coach CAF accreditation.


Please note: our minimum age is 13 years, and these juniors must be competent graded players.  No novice grades, please.  You can book and pay - $40 covers all sessions excluding grading - through revolutioniseSPORT.




The major component of the grading process is the presentation of the Kata as Tori and Uke, relevant to the grade being sought.


Successful candidates will be invoiced for a lifetime Kodokan membership (USD $55) as well as a certification and processing fee listed below against each grade level.

1st Dan – Nage-no kata           USD $50

2nd Dan – Nage-no-kata          USD $60

3rd Dan – Katame-no-kata        USD $70

4th Dan – Juno-kata                 USD $100

5th Dan – Kime-no-kata            USD $160

Anyone who would like to sit for a Kodokan Grading (or to have their Judo Australia Dan Grading recognised) needs to complete the application form and submit prior to the 22nd December 2023. A non-refundable payment of $50.00 (AUD) must accompany your Kodokan Grade application.


Please return the form to Judo Australia operations assistant, Jaq Nunan, on  Include your revolutioniseSPORT receipt number so we can track your payment.


We encourage all judoka interested in this grading pathway to apply.




Our hosts will be the Illawarra International Judo Club Inc in Wollongong, New South Wales.


Illawarra International Judo Club

Ian McLelland Park,

Whyllie Road,

Kembla Grange,

Wollongong NSW, Australia.




Friday 19th January

7pm – 9pm

Technical session

Nage waza – open session

Saturday 20th January

9am – 11am

Technical session

Nage waza – for Juniors and Junior Coaches


1pm – 4pm

Technical session

Kata instruction - practice



Official Celebration Dinner

The Links Golf Club,

Golf Drive, Shell Cove


Sunday 21st January

9am – 1pm

Kodokan Dan Grading

This is a rare chance to work with Kodokan instructors on home soil, as well as submit your dan gradings for the approval of the Kodokan.  We urge all serious judoka to consider travelling to Wollongong to embrace this opportunity.


Alan Broadhead                                               


Australian Kodokan Committee

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