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Does Santa want to bring you a Kodokan grading? *deadline extended*

Australian judoka have been very, very good: and in January, three Kodokan coaches will be on Australian soil to offer guidance, instruction, and formal Kodokan gradings.

In the spirit of sunny Christmas, Judo Australia has just extended the deadline for grading applications, as well for bookings into several technical seminars being held in Wollongong, New South Wales, from January 19-21.

Judo Australia's Australian Kodokan Committee, with the assistance of the Japan-Australia Foundation, has invited three outstanding instructors from the Kodokan to deliver technical workshops prior to a formal grading session.

Coaches Otsuji, Takimoto, and Iwanaga will lead an open nage waza technical session on Friday, January 19; a session for juniors and junior coaches on Saturday, January 20, as well as kata practice for those undertaking grading.

Those seeking grading (or recognition of existing Judo Australia gradings by the Kodokan) should download the application form, making sure to supply all necessary details, and return to Judo Australia by January 6th to be added to the list of candidates presenting their kata. (Application Form & further details).


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