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JA Pathway Development Program

From January 2021, the national high performance programs for Boxing, Judo and Taekwondo will be delivered by a newly established, sport owned, aggregated high performance entity called the Combat Institute of Australia (CIA). This innovative and collaborative new approach will deliver enhanced high performance outcomes for all three sports by ensuring a dedicated high performance focus, increased and more secure funding and access to a greater range of performance support services for categorised athletes.

JA will continue to carry out all its existing roles and responsibilities to develop, grow and enhance the sport of Judo in Australia, with the benefit of our high performance programs now being given dedicated and better resourced focus under this new model.

For this new model to work it is essential that there is an adequate pathway for young athletes who are working towards international representation. The JA Pathway Development Program document outlines the pathway under the new structure.

Any questions regarding this new JA Pathway Development Program approach should be directed to CIA Technical Director Maria Pekli via


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