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Judo Australia launches greater support and development for our Clubs and Coaches

Judo Australia today launched a new way to assist our coaches and clubs in growing and retaining members.

In a series of monthly sessions for 2023, and into 2024 our members will be able to sit in and listen, learn and contribute to what happens at a grass roots level across Judo in Australia.

The Coaching and Club Development program is led by Judo Australia Head of Operations - Shane Alvisio who not only runs one of the most successful clubs in Australia based on the measurement of retention and growth, he knows the importance of sharing information and concepts with the wider Judo Community.

Judo Australia are proud to invest both time, money and effort to ensure our coaches and clubs are well supported as they go #onestepcloser to delivering their ambitions and goals in the heartland of Judo in Australia.

REGISTER for the FREE upcoming sessions on the below links with further promotion happening closer to event.

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