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Team JudoAus Cadets and Juniors Are Set to Compete in Peru

The 2022 PanAmerican-Oceania Championships kicks off this weekend.

Lima, Peru will play host to more than 250 athletes from 16 nations as the 2022 PanAmerican-Oceania Championships is set to get underway this weekend with the Cadet and Junior competitions.

This will be the first major international event of the year for the Team JudoAus Cadets and Juniors and will be the first taste of international competition for many of the 24 Australian judokas who have made the long journey to Peru.

Both teams have now arrived in Lima and are making final preparations for the event that will start with the Cadets competition at 2:00 am AEDT on Sunday morning. Team JudoAus has 14 athletes, eight boys and six girls, entered in nine weight divisions of the contest and will have plenty of opportunities to finish on-top of the podium after day 1 of the competition.

Day 2 will see the Juniors compete with a 2:00 am AEDT Monday morning scheduled start time. Ten athletes, seven boys and three girls, will step onto the mat in nine weight divisions for Team JudoAus, including Maria Swan who will also be competing in the Senior event on the 15th of April.

Both competitions will be live streamed via the IJF Live channel –

While both competitions start at 2:00 am AEDT, the Finals Block is scheduled for 7:00 am AEDT, just in time for a morning cuppa and what is sure to be some amazing judo action!

The draw for the Cadets event will be as follows:

Round 1

Boys -55kg Division

Timeo Tournier v Mateo Condor (Peru)

Girls -57kg Division

Deana Finka v Maria Alejandra Pena Leon (Columbia)

Ivona Ristevski v Saicha Serrano (Peru)

Boys -60kg Division

Jules Aiberti v Xavion Johnson (Bahamas)


Girls -48kg Division

Clarissa Vumbaca v Blanca Florimande (Peru)

Boys -60kg Division

William Zollinger v Winner of Lucas Saladarriaga (Peru) v Jhesbal Simon Ramierez (Columbia)

Girls -63kg Division

Marissa Finka v Constanza (Chile)

Ci A Tiffany Lee v Callie Render (Canada)

Boys -66kg Division

Kimi Jost v Fabricio Meyer (Chile)

Kohsei Toyoshima v Iker Celis (Peru)

Boys -73kg

Nicholas McClifty v Antonio Mereiros Neto (Brazil)

Thomas Cramp v Agustin Moreno (Chile)

Boys 90kg Division

Mak Vugdalic v Eduardo Franco (Venezuela)


Girls -70kg Division

Avalon Anskey v Winner of Mary Silva (Brazil) v Zoyla Nevado (Peru)

The draw for the Juniors event will be as follows:

Round 1

Boys -66kg Division

Jordan Greenbank v Reinaldo Caceres (Chile)

Jad Reda v Jacob Yang (USA)

Boys -73kg Division

Ryan Koenig v Ezequiel Duarte (Paraguay)

Boys -81kg Division

Noah Nightingale v Enzo Leiva (Argentina)


Girls -57kg Division

Ryley Rametta v Corinna Espadas (Mexico)

Girls -63kg Division

Saya Middleton v Callie Render (Canada)

Girls -78kg Division

Maria Swan v Adel Espinoza (Chile)

Boys -90kg Division

Danny Vojnikovich v Jeremy Olivares (Mexico)

Boys -100kg Division

Axel Nightingale v Jose Mera (Chile)

Boys +100kg Division

Sung Min Lee v Vitor Fagundes (Brazil)

Be sure to keep an eye on the Judo Australia social media pages for the latest news, announcements, and results.

Author: Charles Hall


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