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Judo Australia (JA) have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to enable tax deductible contributions to be made to a range of projects. Through the ASF's Deductible Gift Recipient status, all donations over $2 made to the below JA projects are tax-deductible.

No Limits Project

Providing an inclusive sport participation opportunity is important for all Australians and through better resourcing of the No Limits program, Judo Australia can expand our program to reach all Australians. All funds raised will help grow No Limits Judo to provide opportunities for all those with special needs, allowing them to participate in sport and promote an active lifestyle.

Donations will play an important role in the development of No Limits Judo and further enhance the inclusive nature of the Judo Australia community. Your contribution can allow everyone to engage with judo and get active in a safe and fun environment.


Judo4Kids Program

Judo has a strong moral culture that can enrich children’s lives, from the mat into their everyday life. Judo4Kids is a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn Judo and benefit from the various social, physical and mental benefits that this great Olympic sport can provide.

Judo4Kids was launched in 2018 and Judo Australia is now raising funds to help grow and expand this program to engage as many Australian children as possible.

Donations raised will support the development and expansion of the Judo4Kids program. By expanding our program into more schools and clubs, we can get more children involved in sport and provide them with a safe and healthy activity. The importance of grassroots sport is crucial for providing children with healthy development for later in life. Your donation to Judo Australia's Judo4Kids program will provide children with the ability to participate in our sport and help promote an active lifestyle.


Tokyo 2020 Qualification Fund

Judo is returning home for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Judo Australia has a national High Performance Program which delivers elite level athletes, competing at the highest international level. Our elite athletes and national coaching staff work extremely hard to achieve success at the Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and the elite IJF World Tour events held every year.

Our athletes are currently working even harder and travelling around the world competing at these international events as they seek to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Our athletes are primarily self-funded and dedicate themselves to full-time training and competition.


The Judo Australia 'Tokyo 2020 Qualification' Fund will provide our Australian athletes with additional support to travel, train and compete at qualifying events around the world and have the best chance to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 


Judo Australia is very grateful for any support that you can provide to our funding projects. Without contributions from donors like you, we won’t have the chance to thrive, grow, compete and be as successful as we can be! The future can be bigger and brighter for Judo in Australia with your help.


Please donate today!

Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).

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