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Judo Australia partners with Australia-Japan Foundation in cultural Judo Coach Exchange.

Learn about the Australia-Japan Foundation

The goodwill generated from Judo can last a lifetime. With its origins in Japan, Judo has gained immense popularity across the globe, including Australia.

The principles of respect, discipline, and self-improvement that lie at the heart of Judo have transcended boundaries and brought people together.

Judo provides a platform for athletes from all countries to interact, learn from one another, and forge lasting friendships. The cultural exchange that takes place during training camps, tournaments and everyday practice sessions helps build bridges that go beyond the mats.

The Australia-Japan Judo Exchange (AJJE) will build links between judo clubs, coaches and athletes in Australia and Japan, and develop a pipeline of coaches to grow the sport and create public awareness of the strong bilateral relationship. Targeting regional judo clubs where international exposure is minimal, AJJE will facilitate a series of reciprocal cultural and immersion initiatives for aspiring judo coaches in both countries.

This will build the capacity of coaches in both countries and foster partnerships between clubs. Participants will gain a deeper awareness of each other’s culture through an immersion experience and build deep people-to-people ties. By creating formal sister-club partnerships to allow further exchanges between coaches, athletes and the wider-judo community, judo will be used as a vehicle to encourage deeper cross-cultural skills and build people-to-people links and institutional ties that will endure beyond the tenure of the project.

Judo Australia is seeking “Expressions of Interest” from Judo Clubs around Australia, who would like to initiate club coach exchanges or extend existing club coach exchanges.

Club Coach exchanges may range from short visits (2-4 weeks) or much longer exchanges (6-12 months).

Please advise Judo Australia if your local club would like to be involved in a Club Coach Exchange program.

Also advise Judo Australia of any existing exchange relationship that your Judo Club may have with Japanese based Judo Clubs or other Japanese organisations. (Sister clubs)

Judo Australia has some funding available ($50,000 over 3 years) that has been provided by the Australia-Japan Foundation, to assist some Club Coach Exchange Programs during this period.

Judo Australia is currently seeking assistance from Judo organisations within Japan, who may be interested in Club Coach exchanges. Mr Phil McDermott is meeting with some organisations in the coming weeks, while visiting Japan.

Round 1 - Jan-June 2024 - EOI NOW OPEN by clicking here

Round 2 - July-December 2024

Round 3 - Jan-June 2025

Round 4 - TBC

Please contact Shane Alvisio - JA Head of Judo Operations for further information.


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