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The National Randori Camp (19-21 February) will be led by the National coaching teams and is compulsory for Cadet, Junior and U23 Development Squad members, as well as our Categorised Athletes.


Limited additional places will be made available for accomplished cadet, junior and senior judoka ready to contribute meaningfully to the training environment. (Apply before January 31 via revolutioniseSPORT.)

The cost to athletes not currently on the National team program is $300 including accommodation and full board.  Judo Australia offers a 50% subsidy for Categorised and Development Squad athletes - please be sure to select the correct option for your attendance.


Athletes are responsible for funding and organising their flights and transfers to the AIS from Goulburn/to Canberra airport.

Please arrive at the AIS following the Canberra International@Goulburn in the evening of Sunday, February 18.  Dinner will be provided in the AIS dining room.

The training camp will conclude with lunch on Wednesday Feburary 21, and return travel to your home cities should be scheduled for the late afternoon/evening of that day.

Full attendance for the entire duration of the camp is required for all participants.



Jaq Nunan (

Pathways Operations Assistant

Judo Australia will host a high intensity randori camp at the AIS in Canberra immediately following the Canberra International Open@Goulburn.
Randori Camp Cost
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