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No Limits Judo

Judo Australia (JA) is pleased to announce the launch of No Limits Judo.

Formerly referred to as Special Needs Judo, No Limits (NL) Judo offers people with special needs the opportunity to participate as productive and respected members of Judo Australia. NL Judo offers a fair opportunity for Judoka to develop and demonstrate their skills and talents through judo training and competition. NL Judo also increases the public's awareness of their capabilities and needs. With the required training and encouragement, people with a special needs are capable, and can enjoy, learn and benefit from participation in the sport of Judo. If necessary, the sport of Judo may be adapted for the needs of those with an intellectual or sensory disability.

A No Limits Judo Australia Facebook page has been established as a platform for anybody interested in NL Judo to engage, post, share and ask questions relating to NL Judo.

You will also find the new NL Sporting Rules and NL Grading Policy on the No Limits Judo page of the JA website.

The No Limits Committee will have responsibility for developing, growing and promoting NL Judo across Australia. The NL Committee is comprised of:

  • Cliff Illingworth (NSW) – Chair

  • Dawn Santos (WA) – Secretary

  • Campbell Dunstan (QLD)

  • Graham Anderson (SA)

  • Neel Beyers (VIC)

  • Xavier Barker (QLD)

  • Emma Fisher (NT)

JA is excited to work with our Member States and Clubs to continue to grow and enhance this important area of our sport in the years ahead.

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