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2019 National Championship Results and Statistics


Congratulations to all who were a part of the 2019 Judo Australia National Championships.

Now that the dust has settled we can show you some of the amazing statistics behind the event.

With more than 830 competitors and 1080 matches it’s safe to say this has been the best Nationals yet!

A big thank you to all competitors, coaches and managers for helping us to make this the premier Judo event in Australia.

After much calculation, the results are in!

The undisputed winners of this year’s National Championships are Judo NSW. With an amazing 33 Gold medals, they have completely blown away the competition.

Will another state emerge victorious next year?

We’re already training for the next one and we hope you are too! We’ll see you all next year. Please find results from all categories here or via Judo Live

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