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Australian College of Physical Education named as a new partner with Judo Australia

Judo Australia is excited to announce our new partnership with the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE).

Founded in 1917, ACPE is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Australia, offering associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and graduate diplomas in sport, health, education, and dance.

Committed to the provision of a transformative, personalised, and supportive learning environment that nurtures potential and promotes academic excellence and scholarly activity. The College strives for excellence in everything it does and promotes health and wellbeing as a holistic approach to developing resilience.

ACPE Director of Program Innovation and Development, Gareth Long, see’s this partnership as an exciting opportunity for ACPE to grow and develop programs, “ACPE is excited to partner with Judo Australia and provide a training environment for their elite athletes. ACPE will also look to co-design courses and workshops to support Judo Australia’s workforce of coaches and officials.”

“This partnership will also give ACPE students the opportunity to gain valuable learning opportunities with Judo Australia, as part of their degree programs”.

Judo Australia CEO, Emma Taylor, feels that this partnership will open numerous opportunities to those in the judo community, “Partnering with the ACPE aligns with our belief that learning is a continuous journey.”

“ACPE will not only support our athletes and coaches through access to training facilities for strength and conditioning and technical skills, but they also provide an avenue for education and learning to complement an athlete’s skills off the mat.”

To find out more about ACPE and what courses they offer, please visit their website here: ACPE

For more information on judo or to find a club near you, visit the Judo Australia website here: Judo Australia

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