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Judo Australia - JudoLive

At the 2018 and 2019 National Championships, Judo Australia (JA) launched the JudoLive system, allowing anyone to view real time fight orders and other competition data online. This JA initiative proved to be a success and was positively received by the membership and broader community.

For the upcoming 2021 Judo Nationals, JA is pleased to announce we are continuing to use the JudoLive system.

JudoLive provides access to comprehensive competition data including weight division listings, draws, live fight orders and results.

JudoLive is completely free to access and will be available for the lead-up and duration of the National Championships this year. Due to some technical limitations, JudoLive will not be available for the Kata, Kyu, Masters and No Limits competitions.

The service is now live at Judo Australia Live

You can find a quick start instructional guide that will assist new users to navigate the service here

For any further information, or for help with this service at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact


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