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National Veterans Committee (NVC)

Judo Australia is pleased to announce the establishment of a National Veterans Committee (NVC) to oversee the development and growth of Veterans Judo nationally.

Following an application assessment process, the committee will be composed as follows:

  1. Kevin Murphy (QLD) – Chair

  2. Clive Simmonds (NSW)

  3. Melissa Dennehy (WA)

  4. Doug Noack (VIC)

  5. Andrew Bell (QLD)

The primary duties for the NVC will include:

  • Lead responsibility for the development and growth of Veterans Judo nationally;

  • Provide advice and support to the JA Sports Committee regarding management of the annual JA National Veterans Championships;

  • Provide recommendations of selections for JA Veterans teams to IJF and OJU international competition events;

  • Work with Member States on Veterans Judo initiatives and liaise with Member State Veterans Committee members;

  • Liaise with OJU and IJF Veterans Commissions;

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