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Cadet and Junior Australian Teams Announced for the 2022 World Championships

The National Selection Committee has completed selections for the 2022 Cadet and Junior World Championships.

August will be an exciting month of judo that will see all three national squad teams in action on the world stage. With the Senior Squad kicking things off as they head to Birmingham, UK to compete in the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the start of the month, the Team JudoAus Juniors will be heading to Guayaquil, Ecuador to compete at the 2022 Junior World Championships being held from 10–14 August.

Ten days later, the Team JudoAus Cadets will head to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to compete at the 2022 Cadet World Championships on the 24 - 28 of August. In accordance with the selection policy outlined on the Judo Australia website, the national selection committee have selected the following athletes to compete:

Cadet Team

Female Athletes

Male Athletes

Reserve Athletes

Avalon Anskey (VIC) - 70kg

Jules Aiberti (VIC) - 60kg

Vas Middleton (WA) - 60kg only

Deana Finka (NSW) - 57kg

Yonatan Ayzelman (VIC) - 50kg

Marissa Finka (NSW) - 63kg

Kimi Jost (WA) - 66kg

Ivona Ristevski (NSW) - 57KG

Keishin Ochi (WA) - 73kg

Clarissa Vumbaca (NSW) - 48kg

Timeo Tournier (WA) - 55kg

Kohsei Toyoshima (QLD) - 66kg

William Zollinger (NSW) - 60kg

Kerrye Katz and Ivica Pavlinic have been named as the coaching team for this event.

Junior Team

Female Athletes

Male Athletes

Anneliese Fielder (QLD) - 52kg

Jordon Greenbank (WA) - 66kg

Ryley Rametta (VIC) - 63kg

Ryan Koenig (NSW) - 73kg

Axel Nightingale (VIC) - 100kg

Noah Nightingale (VIC) - 81kg

Danny Vojnikovich (VIC) - 90kg

Emilien Freund and Joe Costanzo have been named as the coaching team for this event.

As part of their preparations for the Junior World Championships, the Team JudoAus Juniors will head to Europe in July to compete in a series of camps and competitions. Their first stop will be in Paks, Hungary for a week long camp and Junior European Cup event between 16 - 21 of July. Next, the team will head to Prague, Czech Republic for the Junior European Cup and camp between the 23 - 28 July before travelling back to Hungary for a week long camp between 29 July through 6 August to prepare for the World Championships.

With every team in action, the opportunity for athletes to gain more experience will be limited to allow them to focus on their respective World Championship. Therefore, the Team JudoAus Cadets and Juniors will not be competing in the team competitions at the 2022 World Championships.

Judo Australia would like to congratulate all of the athletes and coaches selected to represent judo and Australia on the world stage and we wish you all the best in your preparations as we look forward to watching you compete.



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