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Judo Australia releases CAF 2.0

Judo Australia is proud to bring to the membership CAF 2.0.

The program has been led by Shane Alvisio - JA Head of Judo Operations and longtime club coach, with support of the CAF leads in each of the States and Territories. Shane also worked closely with the Australian Sports Commission to leverage content and resources that will only enhance the development and growth in our coaching numbers.

CAF 2.0 is an enhanced version with a focus on creating greater relevance and efficiency in becoming an accredited coach.

JA are committed to building, developing and growing our Coaching Number in 2024 and beyond. We are excited to bring to the membership the Advanced Coaching Courses in 2025.

You can download CAF 2.0 Framework and watch the presentation to in the COACHING ACCREDITATION PAGE.


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