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Judo coaches wanted: sign up now on a brand new portal for Sporting Schools

The Sporting Schools program offers schools around Australia grants to spend on sporting programs - and now is the time to ensure schools choose Judo by registering as an Endorsed Provider or Judo Coach.

Nearly $40 million is being made available to schools around Australia to spend on their sports of choice before the end of the year, and Term 2 bookings open with the relaunch of a new portal from April 10.

Judo Clubs and Coaches need to register directly with the portal to be offered Sporting Schools bookings, and only Judo Australia Endorsed Providers can deliver Judo through Sporting Schools. Sign up now!

A small number of Judo Clubs have been doing an amazing job of delivering Judo4Kids to schools since the program launched in 2015. With a new portal launching to schools from mid-April, more clubs than ever can take up the opportunity to grow their membership and share their love of Judo as a martial art, an Olympic sport, and a way of life.

Full details on how to sign up, who can coach, billing and pricing are outlined in our Sporting Schools FAQ HERE.


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