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Time to Play Well: Participation the focus for judo

Experience, growth and retention will sit at the center of a new participation plan for developing Judo in Australia.

Judo Australia CEO, Beck Hamilton, has shared Judo's approach to helping Australia's judo clubs implement the ASC's Play Well strategy.

“Play Well is a game changer for Judo in Australia. We hope that a plan purely focused on Participation of Judo in Australia will inspire, unite and bring together our clubs across Australia,” Beck Hamilton said.

As a part of one of five ASC working groups, Beck assisted in advising the implementation of Play Well with particular focus on ensuring this could be translated right through to club level.

The process of introducing Play Well to Judo started in April when the Judo Australia Board endorsed the direction and created a plan to move forward with a National Co-design process with Judo State and Territory organisations.

All State and Territory Boards have committed to the process and are gathering insights and observations with their respective clubs across Australia right now. They will come together in person mid-July to begin the process of building the plan.  

“Having an overarching strategy led by the Australian Sports Commission is something I believe our sport has been craving for a long time,” Beck Hamilton said.

“This is not Judo Australia’s participation plan, this is the JUDO IN AUSTRALIA participation plan, and we look forward to being one of the many resources, along with our clubs and States/Territories to build it, and more importantly make it happen."

"Everyone has a place in sport, and everyone has a place in Judo".

To contribute to the plan and provide input, please contact your respective State and Territory organisation who have been briefed on the plan and require grassroots input to build and shape it for local judo communities. they are working on.


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